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FlexRock Primer EPDM is a low viscosity sprayable liquid used to pre-treat black EPDM rubber roof membrane prior to power washing and application of the roof coating. FlexRock Primer EPDM is designed for use with all FlexRock Roof Coatings.


  • Nonflammable
  • Nonhazardous
  • Minimum Overspray
  • Optimum Adhesion Characteristics (if used as directed)
  • Improves coating adhesion to black EPDM rubber membraneNatural pH


FlexRock Primer EPDM  Should be applied in the following way:

1. Apply EVERROOF PRIMER EPDM via a sprayer (Hudson-type agricultural, conventional pressure, or airless) at an application rate of 500 square feet/gallon.

2. Use a 3-4 foot arc pattern.

3. Allow FlexRock Primer EPDM to stand for a minimum of 15 minutes.

4. Clean EPDM with a commercial power washer (between 2000- 3500 psi). When Cleaning the EPDM, it should be done slowly and close to surface in order to remove mica and inorganic release agents.

5. Rinse thoroughly with power washer. The rinse step may be done at a faster pace than the cleaning step. The final rinse water should be clear with no bubbles present.

6. The EPDM will range from muddy brown to black after washing with FlexRock Primer EPDM.

7. When the surface is dry, coating can begin. Note: The primer should be thoroughly mixed just before application, and applied to a clean, dry surface. *Dry time and recoat time will vary depending on temperature and relative humidity. COMPATIBILITY FlexRock Primer EPDM is compatible with most FlexRock Cool Roof Coatings.

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