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FlexRock’s sealant coating are eco-friendly, durable and cost effective. Call us today for a free estimate on your next project! Great for Floors, Roof. Best roof sealant for leaks or cracks, Best flooring sealant for concrete floors.

Where To Use FlexRock Coating

The projects below show different ways that FlexRock Coatings can be used, from residential projects to large commercial projects.

Introduction to FlexRock Coatings™

FlexRock Beats all traditional coatings hands down on durability turnaround time and cost. The FlexRock Coatings™ system is engineered to give the best performance by combining the FlexRock base with its natural and unsurpassed adhesion and elastic qualities. All of this with a product that is eco friendly.

Watch this video to see what makes FlexRock so unique. It’s stronger than concrete and stronger than epoxy.

Thicker is better, 10x thicker!

What makes FX-100 of one of kind?

FX-100 Gets Stronger, The More You Apply

FXR-100 has no maximum mil thickness vs. Single-component coatings that have a tendency to crack and delaminate when thickly applied and may not cure properly as well.

Repair vs Covering Over

Unlike single component coating products that only bridge over problem areas, FX-100, Repairs the substrate creates a chemical bond and fills in imperfections and deep cracks.

Outstanding Adhesion, Bonds to Most Materials

Strongly bonds to metal, asphalt, fiberglass, wood, concrete, brick, block in seconds.

Eco Friendly, Virtually No Odor, Zero VOC

Made with plant-based oils, natural minerals and hemp fiber. The application is fast curing and odorless.



Roofing Products

Save up to 80% of roof replacement! Our Eco-frendly roofing systems are the perfect solution for cost savings and long-lasting durability. The liquid applied reinforcement system continuous water proofs and restores flat roofs.


Flooring Products

Our engineered flooring systems are designed to provide beautiful floors that are incredibly industrial strength, food-grade, easy to clean and meet GMP compliance floor coating system.


Repair & Waterproofing

Looking for a quick and easy way to waterproof and add durability to your projects? Look no further than the FlexRock This industrial-strength sealant creates a rock-like protection to wood, metal, brick and more. 


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