Introducing the “RV Roof Armor” system by FlexRock, a revolutionary solution that combines the exceptional qualities of FlexRock, FX-100, and PolyRubex, enhanced by the addition of the FX-High Solid Silicone topcoat. This comprehensive system delivers unparalleled protection, durability, and performance for RV roofs. With the strength and resilience of FlexRock, the versatility of FX-100, the advanced properties of PolyRubex Binder, and the added benefits of the FX-HS topcoat, the RV-Roof Armor system ensures superior defense against the elements, making it the ultimate choice for long-lasting RV roof protection.

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FlexRock has made its mark across various commercial industries, covering millions of square feet with its reliable products. From tough industrial floors to protecting extensive commercial roofs, our solutions shine in diverse settings. We’ve even contributed to ship decks and water tank linings, proving our versatility.
What sets us apart is our knack for blending different roofing systems. This unique formulation forms the backbone of our product suite, perfectly tailored to solve your RV roofing issues. Count on FlexRock for innovative and friendly solutions that suit your RV perfectly.
Exceptional Durability: FlexRock Roof Armor is designed to withstand the toughest conditions, providing long-lasting protection for your roof.
Seamless Waterproofing: With its advanced formulation, FlexRock Roof Armor creates a seamless barrier that effectively prevents leaks and water damage.
Impact Resistance: The rugged composition of FlexRock RV Roof Armor makes it highly resistant to impacts, protecting your roof from hail, falling debris, and other potential hazards.
Energy-Efficient: FlexRock Roof Armor helps in reducing energy consumption by reflecting sunlight and heat, keeping the interior of your RV cooler and reducing the strain on your cooling system.
Easy Application: FlexRock Roof Armor is user-friendly and can be easily applied to various roof surfaces, ensuring a hassle-free installation process for RV owners.

SilentShield - Sound Dampening

Ultimate solution with exceptional waterproofing and sound dampening. Protects surfaces from water damage, absorbs sound waves for a tranquil environment. Redefine peace, comfort, and protection with SilentShield.

Impact Resistant

The rugged composition of FlexRock Roof Armor makes it highly resistant to impacts, protecting your roof from hail, falling debris, and other potential hazards.

RV Roof Transformation

Our product is designed to offer RV owners peace of mind, as the coating comes with a lifetime warranty. During the application process, your RV roof will undergo a remarkable transformation and be equipped with superior protection against any weather condition. We guarantee only the highest quality product and service, so you can enjoy your journey for years to come.

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FX-100 is a coating breakthrough with a bond stronger than epoxy and ideal for various surfaces. Its robust adhesion is powered by molecular interaction. A Flexible Base Coating, adapting seamlessly to your roof’s contours. Serving as a foundational layer, FX 100 transforms into more than just a coating. Combined with Polyrubex and advanced hybrid topcoat, it forms the market’s toughest RV roof shield. This versatile solution works extra thick for added protection. Apply more for increased defense, ideal for cracks. FlexRock bonds molecularly, crafting a waterproof casing, ensuring superior protection.

FlexRock RV Roof Armor is highly resistant to impacts and can be applied in multiple layers, thanks to Polyrubex acting as an impact resistance binder. This unique component allows for a thicker and more robust application than any other RV coating available, making it the perfect solution for those seeking increased durability and sound dampening
High Solids Silicone is a single-component, moisture-cure, fluid-applied roof coating. It can be applied in a single pass and cures to create a seamless film on most roofing substrates. Its water-resistant capabilities allow it to withstand ponding water on surfaces with a slope equal to or less than 1/12
This tape uses an elastomeric adhesive bonded to a woven polyester fabric backing for maximum conformability. FLEX Fabric Seam Tape can be used to seal leaking joints, seams, and cracks. It is designed to expand and contract without any cracking within normal roofing temperatures.
Apply on RV roofs, metal roofs, flat roofs, mobile homes, campers, trailers, and gutters. Easy application—brush, roll, or spray. Recommended for wood, metal, aged EPDM, and TPO surfaces. FlexRock RV Roof Coating: the RELIABLE choice for lasting protection.
Introducing the groundbreaking “RV Roof Armor” system by FlexRock, designed for easy application on fiberglass, metal roofs, and direct-to-wood decks. This system surpasses the factory roof’s performance, enhancing impact resistance and tear-proof qualities. It also boasts sound-dampening properties. With FlexRock, FX-100, PolyRubex Binder, and FX-High Solid Silicone topcoat, it forms a waterproof barrier of three layers, ensuring unparalleled protection, durability, and performance for lasting RV roof defense.

Pre-Designed Kits Or Custom Solutions To Fit Your Application

Our pricing is tailored to your specific application. The size and type of your roof will determine the amount of products needed to complete your project seamlessly. Click on the pre-built kits below to select your square footage and get an accurate pricing for any kit. This page also offers the quickest access to pricing details and coverage rates for individual products. If you require assistance in choosing or assembling a kit, our team is always ready to assist you. We are committed to ensuring your project’s success!

PolyRubex Infused Single Stage Application

Introducing our budget-friendly all-inclusive RV roof coating system, featuring the Hybrid Coating, PolyRubex technology, and Waterproof Seam Tape – your ultimate single-stage solution and the thickest RV coating available on the market. Designed for all types of RV roofs, this comprehensive system combines easy application with advanced technology to enhance your RV’s longevity and performance.
The Hybrid Coating acts as a protective armor, easily applicable whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or a seasoned pro. PolyRubex technology offers flexibility that prevents cracks, minimizes noise, and ensures top-notch insulation for year-round comfort. Paired with Waterproof Seam Tape, it’s a foolproof solution against leaks and vulnerabilities.
Combine the user-friendly application with cutting-edge technology and you will be rewarded with an RV roof that’s robust, durable, and weather-resistant. From road trips to outdoor adventures, trust this winning combination, which is gentle on your wallet, to safeguard your RV through every journey. Get ready for the ultimate budget-friendly and thickest RV coating experience with our comprehensive roof coating system.
Presenting the revolutionary “RV Roof Armor” system by FlexRock, meticulously crafted for application on fiberglass, metal roofs, and direct-to-wood decks. This system excels beyond factory roof performance, enhancing impact resistance and tear-proof qualities, while also boasting sound-dampening properties. With FlexRock, FX-100, PolyRubex Binder, and FX-High Solid topcoat, it forms a triple-layer waterproof barrier for unrivaled protection, durability, and performance—backed by a lifetime warranty. We offer system kits in various sizes tailored to your RV, streamlining the ordering process. Choose from our pre-built kits, sized according to your RV, for simplified pricing. Experience a level of durability unmatched in the market.
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