FlexRock Coatings™ specializes in providing high-quality high build flooring systems for commercial cultivation facilities. We offer competitive pricing on our value packages, leveraging our direct-to-factory sales model. This approach has multiple advantages, primarily ensuring an optimal balance between quality and cost. Our dedicated team is ready to assist you with your floor coating requirements.
Cost Saving Eco Friendly Flooring Systems
Our 12 years of cultivation industry experience have provided us with invaluable insight on not only the importance of facility hygiene by keeping plant killing pathogens controlled, but also the equal importance of staying compliant in front of regulation changes as they happen. Knowing how to value engineer a cultivation facility and getting you GMP compliant is our specialty.The green industry is still growing. This means the regulations and standards are changing all the time, which can lead to a lot of downtime if you’re not prepared.
Flooring Solutions
We have solutions to match the best type facility environment. Our factory-direct program is straight forward and
designed to save you money on your commercial flooring needs.
Perfect for grow rooms and areas with high-intensity lighting. These high build systems are UV resistant and are the most durable solution available for any area of cultivation or any industrial facility. These coatings have excellent high-impact and chemical resistance.
These coatings are excellent solutions for high-impact areas that need enduring strength. These high build systems are economical and offer outstanding chemical resistance. They are the perfect choice for the non-high intensity lighting areas.
Thin mil flooring is an economical alternative to more robust high-build flooring. Not only does it provide a good surface for low traffic areas, the cost savings when building out your new facility can be offset by using thin mil in areas where wear isn’t a concern.
GMP Compliant Flooring Solutions
Our team’s past industry experience has allowed us to work in almost every legal state. It doesn’t matter if it’s medical or recreation. In our opinion, the minimum standard growing environment will have to be pharmaceutical-grade cultivation facilities. All cultivation facilities will have to become GMP compliant when the federal authorities regulate the industry. Across the board, massive amounts of cultivation and production facilities will be required to meet new standards in regulations.
Investing in a food grade floor coating and proper concrete preparation is essential for cultivation production. Long lasting, government compliant solutions can save you time and money in the long run and prevent costly repairs or production downtime. With our professional help and guidance, we can provide you with value engineering to develop a flooring system perfect for your facility’s specific requirements. Contact us today to ensure your production success!
What You Need
FX-409 Moisture Vapor Barrier Epoxy Sealer Primer is a two component 100% solids epoxy seal coat primer for use on horizontal concrete floors that can help control moisture vapor emission rates up to 20 lb/24hr/1000 sq (ASTM F1869), prior to application FX-100 or Top Coats. The Moisture Vapor Barrier Epoxy can help alleviate some of the issues associated with moisture vapor in concrete.

In coatings, moisture is a major problem. Liquid vapor barriers are often promoted as a solution, but understanding when they work is important. It is unlikely that a moisture barrier will correct major issues caused by excessive hydrostatic pressure or poor slab installation. The moisture barrier, however, can address mild moisture problems. Please click here to learn more.

Get your slab professionally moisture tested to ensure a liquid vapor barrier will resolve moisture problems.
All areas benefit from our Flagship FlexRock Application which is more than 3x’s stronger than concrete and more robust than any stand-alone epoxy. FlexRock Coatings Base is eco-friendly, virtually odor-free, and VOC-free. This self-leveling thicker system (32 to 100 mils) is perfect for new floors or filling cracks and imperfections in older floors.
FlexRock FX-444 is a two component high solids polyaspartic clear topcoat with excellent chemical resistance, UV stability, abrasion resistance and hardness. This material is intended to be used as a high gloss topcoat over paint chips, decorative broadcasts or colored quartz broadcasts to provide an infinite array of color schemes or patterns. Pigment can also be mixed in with topcoat before application.

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