FX-M55 Modified Alkyd Metal Primer

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FX-M55 PRIMER is a high-solids, red-oxide alkyd metal primer for steel surfaces which is fast drying, low VOC (less than 340 gms/liter), rust inhibitive, and is free of heavy metal hazards. It is easy to apply by brush, spray or roller, and has good resistance to general atmospheric weathering. It can be top coated with alkyd and latex coatings or urethane foam or coatings.


For industrial and commercial application of steel to protect against atmospheric corrosion. Fast drying maintenance primer, Interior and Exterior Use, Lead/Chromate/Barium-free pigmentation


High build to protect abrasive blasted steel, Abrasion resistant, Good corrosion and rust undercutting protection, Primer for use under a variety of latex, alkyd and urethane topcoats.

COLOR Reddish Brown COVERAGE FX-M55 has a coverage rate of 1 gallon per 205-342 square feet.

PACKAGING 1-Gallon Can 5-Gallon Pail

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