Triple Coat Layer Protection < 100 ft Kit

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Introducing our revolutionary Triple Layer Direct-to-Deck Kit, specially designed for superior performance. This kit features FX-100 as a basecoat, fortified with PolyRubex for sound dampening and heat deflection. FX 100 fills damaged areas and rejuvenates old plywood decking, providing a stronger substrate than the original manufacturer. With FlexRock FX-100 offering an armor-like finish, and topped with high-quality silicone for UV resistance, it represents the pinnacle of RV roofing technologies.

This kit includes: 

(1) 2.5 Gallon Kit of FX-100 Base Coat 
(3) 1-Gallon of FX-HS-Silicone 
(1) 1-Gallon of Silicone Mastic 
(1) 10 LBS Box of Polyrubex

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