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FlexRock -Silicone Roof Flash is an enhanced high-solids silicone formula that can be used in conjunction with a variety of liquid coatings and a variety of roof membranes. It is designed to create a watertight liquid flashing for intricate roofing areas and details. With its low VOC’s, the single-component, moisture-cure liquid flashing is environmentally friendly.

This high performing high solids silicone is durable, reflective and UV resistant and has excellent vertical hang and performs well under ponding water.

• Spot repairs • Reinforce seams, flashings and penetrations

• Seal joint and penetration repairs for solar systems and air conditioning systems COLOR

White and Aluminum PACKAGING 3 ½-Gallons Pail


The first coat of FlexRock Roof Flash should be applied at the rate of 1.5 gallon/100 square feet. The dry film thickness, exclusive of aggregate is 24 ± 2 mils per coat at rate of 1.5 gallon/100 sqft. For metal roofs, fasteners coverage count per 3.5 gal pail is 1400 square feet. For seams, 3.5 gal pail @ 24 wft, 6” on center will cover 295 linear feet.

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