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FX-PRIMER M25 is a waterborne modified acrylic primer specifically designed as bleed blocking primer over modified bitumen and asphalt BUR roofs prior to the application of a new layer of Acrylic or Silicone top coat.


Asphalt BUR Surfaces

• Modified Bitumen Surfaces

PACKAGING 5-gallon pail 55-gallon drum

COLOR Light Grey

REQUIREMENTS FX-PRIMER M25 is a water based acrylic adhesive primer which should be applied only by trained or manufacturerapproved roofing experts familiar with the properties of this material.


FX-PRIMER M25 primer is designed for airless or conventional spray equipment. It can also be applied using an airless sprayer, brush, or phenolic resin core roller


Material may separate during storage, mechanically mix before using. Primer M25 application rates will vary depending on substrates. When applied to areas that retain water for 48 hours or more, service life may be diminished and adhesion failure can be expected. Primer M25 can be applied with airless spray equipment, brush, or roller. Cleanup can be accomplished with either water or mineral spirits. The preceding instructions can be considered guidelines only.


Primer M25 should be thoroughly blended using a mechanical mixer at slow speed or for at least 5 minutes if mixed by hand.


Since Primer M25 is atomized into a very fine particle distribution during spray application, it is essential that maximum effort is made to protect the spray mechanic and others near the workplace from undue exposure. The best form of protection against organic solvents is the use of Type C organic vapor cartridge respirators. To prevent

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